Sunday, March 9, 2008

Michael Weiss, Interview #16

Real People, Real Lives, Real Spirituality

Name:Michael Weiss

Where you live: Vienna, Austria

What you do as a vocation or avocation? I am a philosopher (both vocation and avocation) interested in ethics, intercultural communication and spirituality

Your two favorite books: Girlfriend in a Coma (by Douglas Coupland)

The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events (by Jane Roberts)

Your two favorite cd's:

The ideal crash (by dEUS)

Stoned and dethroned (by The Jesus and Mary Chain)

Why you are interested in spirituality? Because it helps me to improve my personality.

Your favorite quote: There are as many truths as human beings (by Linda Roethlisberger)

Your favorite web sites:

Your hero? His holiness the Dalai Lama

A spiritual lesson you hope to learn? being in balance with my higher self

A place in the world where you feel spiritually "connected?"Pangong Lake, Ladakh/India

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